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You maybe didn't believe it, but this is the fact.

In 2007, Formula One starts their first season without Michael Schumacher after he retired in 2006. Kimi Raikkonen wins the World Championship title in his first season with Ferrari, when McLaren faced espionage scandal and internal conflict against their both drivers.
In 2007, Girls Generation was born. Debut in SBS Inkigayo at August 5th, with their first single "Into The New World". They also released their first self-titled album.

In 2008, Lewis Hamilton became the first black driver who win the World Championship title, after finished 4th in the last race in Brazil, in the middle of hard rain. Sebastian Vettel won his first race in Italy with Scuderia Toro Rosso.
In 2008, Girls Generation released the repackage of their first album, re-titled as "Baby Baby" and appeared in SMTOWN Live 2008.

In 2009, new regulation has made, making all the Formula 1 cars look simple. KERS system was introduced for the first time. Brawn GP and Jenson Button made a Cinderella story by won the World Championship before the team gone at the end of the year.
In 2009, Girls Generation released "Gee", which raised their popularity. They topped the Music Bank K-Chart for nine straight weeks. After that successful single, they released another song, "Tell Me Your Wish (Genie)" with their famous military costume.

In 2010, Michael Schumacher returns to Formula 1 with Mercedes GP. F-Duct become popular as a aerodynamical component for Formula 1 teams before it's banned. Sebastian Vettel won the World Championship title after winning the last race. He become the youngest driver to win a World Championship title. South Korea held it's first Formula One race, in Yeongnam.
In 2010, another successful year for Girls Generation. They released their second album, "Oh", with their famous cheerleaders costume. They also released an extended play titled "Hoot", and also the repackage of their album, titled "Run Devil Run". They also start their First Asian Tour since 2009, named "Into The New World". Girls Generation also appeared in SMTOWN Live World Tour 2010.

In 2011, KERS is re-introduced, along with DRS. Sebastian Vettel and Red Bull Racing dominating the season by winning 11 races, and become the youngest back-to-back World Champion. He also become the first back-to-back World Champion after Fernando Alonso in 2005-2006.
In 2011, Girls Generation released "Mr. Taxi", with their famous yellow-black-chequered flag costume and their "steering wheel" dance. They released their third album, "The Boys" in October, right before 2011 Korean Grand Prix. For the first time, they have an English song. "The Boys" also released in Japan. They also held their successful Second Asia Tour, called "Girls Generation Tour", which ended in 2012.

In 2012, Kimi Raikkonen returns to Formula 1, with Lotus F1 Team. The famous Red Bull's blown diffuser is banned, and Formula 1 cars now have an unique shape in their nose, known as "stepped nose" as the result of the new regulation about the height of the nosecone. The season will starts in March 18th.
In 2012, Girls Generation go international by performed in two American shows, "Late Show with David Letterman" and "LIVE! with Kelly". They also performed in the France show "Le Grand Journal". They become the first Korea band to performed there. They've just released the teaser of their latest Japanese single, "Time Machine".

That's the story.
Now, for the first time, Formula One and Girls Generation collaborates.
In this special video.
This is my version of 2012 Sky Sports F1 Intro,
with their latest song, "Time Machine".
Created by myself.
This is my first YouTube video.
Happy Enjoy!

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