Sabtu, 15 Oktober 2011


This is my 200th post. I'm very happy that I can write this post, even with bad condition which I felt during these days, I want to tell you, when I'm write this 200th post, I'm ill and in the bad condition. Just need some rest, but I'm realize that I have to keep writing. I have to keep updating this blog, and keep sharing some great stories to all of you, who come and read my blog. I hope you enjoy my blog, and keep supporting me to makes this blog more better in the future. I will try my best to keep this things are updated.
In this my 200th post, I want to say apologize to all my blog readers, about the problem during the first weeks of October, which made this blog un-updated. My last post at that time was on October 1st, and after that, I'm disappeared. My first post after that disappearance was on October 11th, so there's a 10 days of disappearance. Where I am during that time ? There's a internet problem, which force us to not updating anything. I can't tweet, I can't updating anything on the blog, and so on. During that time, I'm writing the next part of my Fanfiction, there are two parts of that, and one of them are already posted. There are still a lot of part of that Fanfiction, which I yet to write, but there's are a part of that, which already done, but yet to post. I will find the time to post this things, so we can continue our work. I really want that Fanfiction completed, but it needs a long time to make it done. I will work it, if I have the time.
Also in this post, I want to say thank you to all who visit my blog, and keep my blog views stay on top during my disappearance. Our blog visit is stable during that 10 days, and now this blog is reaching more than 30000 views. I'm really happy about this, and that gives me an extra-booster to continue our work in this blog. I hope this blog can reach 35000 views at the end of this month, and will be more in next-next days. I will try my best to make this blog updated, and I still need your help to make this blog reach what will be our target.
What's next for this blog ? Same story. 7 Icons, Cherrybelle, football, F1, song lyrics, or whatever I can post. Just simple as that. I will try to continue the Fanfiction, I will keep sharing some great stories, and I will keep sharing some great things to all of you. Our plan, there will be more features in this blog, such as end-of-month post, best photos during a month post, and more pictorial post. Our blog consist of text, pictures, and videos, to make yourself more understand with our post. About the blog views, just like I said, our target is 35000 views at the end of month, or possibly faster than that. But we'll see can we reach that numbers, because there's a 10 day hiatus, make us didn't update anything, and makes us lost a lot of time to boost our blog views. But I will try to keep updating this blog, in this... 15 days, to make sure we can reach our target. Once again, we need your help to make our target reached.
So, that's all I can write. Usually I only use English to write a title, but now I use it, to write a post. Not bad, isn't it ? Just want to try. In the next post, I will write in Bahasa Indonesia, just like usual. It's hard for me to write something in English, but I think this is good enough. OK, that's all for now, sorry if you feel offended, and thank you for everything. Happy Enjoy, and YNWA.

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